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Image of Battery Backup System

Battery Backup

Power failures are inevitable in the South African market and therefore very disruptive in our day-to-day living.

A battery backup system consists of an inverter and battery which helps in keeping the power on during power failures. This system is ideal for a home that is disrupted by loadshedding and can easily be expanded with solar in the future.
Image of a Sunsynk hybrid solar system for residential homes

Solar & Battery

This is the most popular solution when it comes to a residential home-owner as it provides both energy independence as well as cost savings.

This option consists of an inverter, battery, and solar panels and it will reduce your electricity bill and cover you during power outages such as loadshedding.
Image of a grid-tied solar system

Solar Only

A solar-only option is less used in the residential space but is still available to home-owners. Although less common, it will help in reducing the owner's electricity bill.

This type of system includes an inverter and solar panels and will help reduce your electricity bill and hedge yourself against rising costs of electricity.

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