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Get the best solar team in Cape Town

Get the best solar team in Cape Town

We help owners of homes, businesses, and farms save money on their electricity bills, and become energy-independent through high-quality solar solutions and unmatched after-sales support.

Why People Trust Us

Simply put: We are qualified, accredited, master installers lead by a management team who put design engineering, quality workmanship, and customer success at the forefront of what we do.

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Our Accreditations
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We deliberately over-deliver on value to exceed expectations so that our clients can get phenomenal results. Cape Solace has a reputable track record of delivering smart energy solutions, and solar installations in Cape Town and across the Western Cape. We focus mainly on commercial, agricultural, and residential projects. Get in touch to see what the Cape Solace team can do for your home, farm, or business. 

Our Focus Areas

We take pride in offering a phenomenal customer experience with laser-focused attention to detail, superb-quality products, and a smooth customer journey. 

Have a look below at our core offers for solar installations in Cape Town

Solar Installations

System Feasibility & Design

Solar Consultancy

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Energy Profiling & Auditing

Solar Maintenance & Performance Optimization

Remote System Fault Finding

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We'll let the numbers do the talking

We’re steadily moving toward becoming the leader in the solar solutions industry. We invest our time and energy heavily into quality products, cutting-edge technology, and awesome people.

Many businesses talk about what they’ve done. We boast about what we do consistently each year.  5-star ratings with tons of experience. 

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200+ Installations Per Year
2+ mWh Battery Installed Per Year
900+ kWp Panels Installed Per Year
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Our Testimonials

Our clients can rely on us to deliver quality work and unmatched service. View our testimonials and find out why you should choose Cape Solace to design and implement a high-quality solar installation for your home, farm, or business.

Hayley Mayger

A fantastic team from Cape Solace installed our system, after a proper site visit to give us an accurate quote. The guys were so professional, hard working and efficient. They answered all our questions and helped set us up with the app even after a really long hot day. Highly recommend the whole team.

Gary Lamb

From the very start until after the job was done, Wian, Markus and the Cape Solace team were extremely friendly, professional, accommodating (I ask lots of questions!), and everyone paid enormous attention to detail. A solar installation is invaluable these days, but not cheap… and there are so many variables. I’m glad I waited for the right team to take care of my full solar system needs. Cape Solace are highly, highly recommended!

Greg Booysen

Cape Solace provided me with excellent service and competitive pricing for my PV System. The Cape Solace Team delivered on their promise and finished the installation early. The installation is of the highest standard and the Team is well versed in the equipment. The whole process was quick and efficient. I highly recommend this company. What a pleasure!

Mark Burton

Our Sunsynk Solar backup system was installed and commissioned by the Cape Solace team recently and has been working seamlessly with this relentless load shedding ever since. Christopher, Wian, Marcus and the team pulled through and completed a neat and professional system installation on time and we have not looked back since. The post installation support from Wian has been much appreciated while we navigate our way around the workings of the system. I would highly recommend Cape Solace as a premier Solar Backup Installer of choice.

Drew Van Vuuren

After an initial confusion on my part to the installation timelines, the actual implementation of the system went seamlessly and within the specified times. The system is working extremely well and immediate post installation support has been very professional. I would definitely recommend Cape Solace as installers and have already referred 4 potential customers to their partner Versofy who will surely schedule Cape Solace as the installers of choice. A definite 5 stars from me

Austin Poulton

An awesome team, professional and diligent. Markus, Gert, Stephan and your team, thank you so much for a great job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you service?

We operate mainly in the Cape Town district but we also serve most towns within the Western Cape province if it's feasible. 

Please get in touch to find out if we can assist you with your energy needs: Send mail

Do you offer solar installations in Cape Town?

Definitely! We pride ourselves on providing high-quality solar installations in Cape Town. As mentioned above, we also service most towns in the Western Cape.

Please fill the quote form on our contact page to get a customized quote done. 

Do we receive a COC (Certificate of Compliance) after installation?

Yes we are 100% compliant with the policies regarding solar. We provide COCs within 2-3 working days after a solar system has been commissioned and the client has been onboarded onto our solar monitoring service.

Always make sure the company you choose to work with has the necessary documentation, accreditation, and expertise. 

What drives the cost of a solar system?

Bigger storage (batteries) and more power (panels) drive costs up which makes it look expensive on the initial encounter. 

It is only expensive initially. Interestingly enough we pay more for electricity every 5 to 15 years. After the initial cost, you will in time reap the benefits of free electricity generation and energy independence.

Do you provide after-care / maintenance?

Yes, we offer a 2-year workmanship guarantee + a free inspection within 12 months of installation date. 

We also offer 1-year free monitoring and reporting service. After 1 year has elapsed, the customer can decide if they want to continue with our yearly subscription to continue using the service.

Do you offer solar system finance in Cape Town?

Yes, we offer financing for commercial & residential projects. The residential financing will support projects between 5kw - 16kw. 

Our residential financing partner is Versofy. Click here to apply for finance.

For commercial financing, please reach out for more info. 

How long does a commercial solar installation take? 

These solutions typically require more time and effort and will therefore take weeks to months to execute. 

Services that are typically required here are system feasibility studies, energy profiling, system design, installation, etc. 

How long does an agricultural solar installation take? 

These solutions typically require more time and effort and will therefore take weeks to months to execute. 

Services that are typically required here are system feasibility studies, energy profiling, system design, installation, etc. 

How long does a residential installation take? 

It depends on the size and type of system but an average residential installation takes between 1-4 days. 

Will I be able to go fully off-grid?

It is possible but typically not the best solution to opt for due to the heavy costs involved.

You will still be connected to the electricity grid, but whenever the sun is shining or you have energy stored, you will only be using your own solar power. During power outages or load shedding, you will be self-sufficient for hours and won’t need to fall-back on a polluting, noisy diesel generator.

Do you sell solar equipment separately?

We prefer to procure and install all equipment for a client but yes, we do sell equipment separately when it's feasible and reasonable to do so.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are solid-state devices which are made from thin layers of semiconducting materials, mostly silicon to form solar cells.

When exposed to light the solar cells generate electrical chargers which produce electricity. Several cells are placed together and covered by glass to form a panel, as a single cell alone does not generate a lot of electricity.

The solar panels are then placed together on a surface where optimal light from the sun can be absorbed. Solar panels are low maintenance and are reliable pieces of equipment as they have fixed parts which do not require movement.

The solar energy system does not produce any gas and there is no noise generated from this process, which makes the solar energy system an environmentally friendly energy production.

What is the life expectancy of PV panels?

They outlast every other component in a solar system. The expected output is guaranteed at 25 years if the system is appropriately maintained.

What happens to PV solar panels once they reach their lifespan?

Solar panels may either be reused or recycled. If reusing is not an option, then making use of the parts is the next step.

The materials themselves, such as aluminium, or glass are valuable and will remain recyclable. The goal of renewable energy is to remain as sustainable as possible with little to no waste.

What are the environmental benefits of solar?

Solar energy provides significant environmental benefits when compared to traditional fossil fueled power stations, such as coal. Coal is detrimental to the environment and releases toxic substances into our air and water, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and mercury.


However, solar energy is produced purely from the sun resulting in no CO2 emissions. It has a domino effect that reduces the reliance on coal, which reduces our carbon footprint and helps mitigate climate change. Solar energy also saves thousands of litres of water as opposed to conventional power stations’ high water usage.